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Dish Network in Los Angeles

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What Is Dish Network?

Dish Network is a satellite television provider that traces its beginnings to the 1980’s. Today Dish Network is proud to provide satellite service to more than 14 million satellite subscribers. A&A Satellite is a retailer for Dish Network, providing you with unique offers and quick professional set up.

As a publicly traded company, Dish Network in Los Angeles is committed to providing subscribers with cutting edge technology to consistently provide you with excellent pay television service. New and improved equipment means that none of the wasteful spending gets passed on to you—the customer. Many of Dish Network’s competitors cannot make that same claim.

Why should you choose Dish Network in Los Angeles? The answer is simple. Dish Network provides you with commercial free TV at a great value. What’s more is that you get a pay TV plan that is designed especially for you!

TV Everywhere

While many satellite TV subscribers are getting rid of their plans and packages in favor of watching their favorite television shows on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, Dish Network subscribers in L.A. are taking advantage of a more unified option: TV Everywhere. That’s right, with Dish Network you can watch live television, On Demand titles or series and games recorded on your DVR right on your tablet device, smartphone or computer.

That’s not all either. A&A Satellite is now giving subscribers the option to browse and schedule DVR recordings from anywhere—free of charge—using Dish Anywhere.


When you subscribe to Dish Network in Los Angeles you have a wide variety of channels and satellite packages from which you can choose to fit your entertainment needs. Our packages are reasonably priced, offer many local and international channels as well as basic or premium channels.

So what can you expect when you subscribe to Dish Network?

Premium channels

Premium channels feature the newest movies and many award-winning original programs. Premium favorites like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax are offered individually or you can save money when you bundle your favorite premium channels into one generous package!

The premium channels also include the popular Blockbuster @Home, which gives you access to unlimited movies, television shows and game video game rentals. With this service you can also stream 1,000s of movies from more than 20 different channels.

HD channels

When you sign up for Dish Network you’ll have your pick of channels in HD. Many of the premium and basic channels come with an HD option. Sign up for a two year agreement and choose paperless billing and you’ll get HD Free for Life! All you need is an HD TV and one of the Dish Network HD receivers and you’re ready to enjoy an endless stream of high definition programming.

International channels

Dish Network offers more international programming than any other pay TV—satellite or cable—provider. Dish Network offers international channels in more than two dozen languages over more than 200 different channels. Get channels from Africa, Europe, South America, East Asia the Middle East or South Asian just to name a few.

Choose just international channels or add it to your current Dish Network package for a nominal fee.

Latino channels

Dish Network in Los Angeles is dedicated to providing quality programming to all customers, including Latino subscribers, which is why we offer more Latino programming than you’ll get with any other provider in the nation. When you sign up for Dish Network’s Latino channels you’ll get more than 50 Spanish speaking channels including Cinelatino that offers nonstop Spanish films from directors in Spain and Latin America.

Whether you enjoy sports, music or adult entertainment, Dish Network in Los Angeles has it all…en Español!

Sport channels

Do you LOVE sports? Do you wish you could subscribe to a sports channel that plays nothing but your favorite sports? We thought you might, which is why we can offer a vast selection of sports channels from NFL to NBA to NHL, cricket, racing, soccer, outdoor sports or even college basketball and football.

For ultimate sports fans in Los Angeles we also have a Multi-Sport Pack that lets you enjoy your games and matches of your favorite sport whenever you want. Add it to your current Dish Network package for an additional $9. With myriad sport channel offers you’ll never miss out on a big game or match ever again!

Local channels

Dish Network in Los Angeles promises to offer subscribers the best of local channels in addition to premium and international offerings. Get well-known local channels like ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS in addition to local favorites like KTLA and KCET in HD and SD programming.

Our local programming also includes regional and collegiate sporting events on Pac-12 and Fox Sports West programming.

Specialty Channels

With Dish Network you’ll get the most options to ensure you find the package that best suits you, which is why they offer a whole slew of specialty channels to enhance your favorite package. Whether you love classic television shows, family friendly content, blockbuster films or alternative news, Dish Network has it!

Sign up for The Blaze or Current TV and find alternative news and documentaries, or enjoy family friendly series and movies with our popular Heartland Package. The Epix package will get your heart racing with exciting action films and oddball B movies.

Add a specialty channel to the package of your choice for just a few dollars more.


Dish Network is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advancements to make your television watching experience as crisp and high-tech as possible. Their commitment to keep technology current means you’ll always get the best price, so let’s see what technology is best for you.

Whole Home HD DVR Receivers

With HD DVR receivers like the Hopper® subscribers can record as many as six shows at the same time. Furthermore you can enjoy commercial free television even on shows recorded during primetime with the famed automatic skip option. The Hopper® lets you watch your favorite live or recorded programming anywhere.

The Hopper® lets you connect as many as 4 HD televisions with a single Hopper®, share DVR recordings among all the HD TVs in your home and store up to 2,000 hours of programming. Finally the Hopper® comes with its own remote control locator so you never waste time hunting for it again!

Take advantage of the Hopper with Sling so you can enjoy all Dish Network offerings on your PC, smartphone or tablet. The Hopper with Sling lets you watch your favorite series or movie on your lunch hour on your tablet or on a long commute on your smartphone.

The Joey® receiver works with the Hopper®, allowing it to connect to other HD TVs in the home, providing subscribers with a full entertainment experience. This receiver features many of the same features as the Hopper® with the exception of picture in picture, but is not available as an independent unit.

DVR Receivers

Not ready for a full whole home entertainment system? Then you are a candidate for one of Dish Network’s DVR receivers. We offer several different models, all with DVR capabilities. Not all receivers are HD compatible to accommodate subscribers who have yet to jump on the HD bandwagon.

These receivers let you record your favorite series and movies and you can even pause live television. Choose a receiver that supports viewing on more than one television, multiple DVR recordings and storage space. You’re guaranteed to find a DVR receiver to fit your television viewing needs.

Non-DVR Receivers

Even if you haven’t the need for a DVR, we have several non-DVR receivers that are perfect for HD and SD programming, independent viewing on multiple televisions and on-screen caller ID. Decide what features are important to you and then select the receiver that gives you what you want.

Dish Anywhere

New to Dish Network customers is our Dish Anywhere™ offer, which gives subscribers the chance to turn smartphones, tablets and PCs into your personal entertainment center anywhere you go!

Dish Anywhere™ gives you the convenience of home—live channels, DVR recordings, On Demand titles & Blockbuster @Home extended library—when you’re away from home. All you need to take advantage of this unique offer is broadband internet and a Sling adaptor and you’re good to go.

Download the Dish Anywhere™ mobile app and you can manage your DVR and view live programming schedules on your smartphone or tablet. You can even download an app that allows you to transfer DVR recordings to your iPad so you can watch ‘can’t miss’ shows even when you’re not connected to the net.

TV Outdoors

Dish Network is offering subscribers a great way to enjoy your favorite USC or UCLA tailgating party with the Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna. Why stay indoors to enjoy the big game when you can set up outdoors with the full Tailgater system or antenna?

Many Dish Network customers love this option because there is no contract with the Tailgater system. By taking advantage of the convenient pay as you go program, you can use it when your favorite sports season arrives.

Once you pay for the tailgater antenna or system you just need to make sure the Tailgater is connected to a Dish Network receiver and you can watch it in the great outdoors. Watch any of the channels that are part of your existing Dish Network plan, including programming from the DishLATINO lineup.

Free Professional Installation

When it comes to getting your Dish Network equipment installed, A&A Satellite is more than capable of handling your set up needs. For your peace of mind, all of our installers are Engineers to make sure wiring is installed safely and sufficiently.

Whatever you need, A&A Satellite will mount your flat screen on the wall and set up custom wiring to hook up your surround sound system. We offer same or next day installation so you can take advantage of our great deals right away.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we take great care to provide you with professional installation of your new satellite system. 

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