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DirecTV in Los Angeles

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Why DirecTV?

Why should you choose DirecTV in Los Angeles? For starters DirecTV offers you the very best in home TV entertainment. You’ll get the best channels so you can watch your favorite TV shows, sporting events and the newest movie releases. What’s more is that DirecTV now gives customers the choice of watching your favorite TV when you are away from home. Grab your laptop, tablet or smartphone and catch up on your latest prime time favorites.

With the most advanced technology DirecTV in Los Angeles makes it convenient to access your favorite programming. In addition to watching your favorite programming on the go, DirecTV lets you set browse and set your DVR from a variety of mobile devices with DirecTV mobile apps. Use your iPad, iPhone or Kindle Fire to watch and schedule programming straight from your DVR.

Taking advantage of this enhanced technology has never been easier with DirecTV, now allowing subscribers to share their favorite shows, movies, games and matches via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

If English is not your first language you will be pleased to learn that DirecTV in Los Angeles is now available en Español. That’s right you get the same innovative technology and enhanced viewing experience in Spanish. Enjoy all of the same benefits of DirecTV including mobile viewing, HD and the latest programming throughout Latin America. Whether you want soccer, telenovelas or Spanish language cinema, DirecTV en Español has it.


One reason so many subscribers are choosing DirecTV in Los Angeles is the wide variety of packages available to suit any budget or programming needs.

DirecTV Packages start at just $29.99 per month offering subscribers more than 140 channels that include movies, news, shows and sports. The largest DirecTV package offers more than 285 different digital channels! Choose from HD channels, local news channels, regional sports stations and premium channels with any DirecTV package. All DirecTV packages include a free upgrade to the genie, the HD DVR that lets subscribers connect as many as four televisions to one piece of equipment.

DirecTV in Los Angeles also offers subscribers four different Spanish packages which also include the free Genie upgrade. These packages offer a combination of both English and Spanish programming, including premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz.

Premium Networks packages include all of your favorite premium channels including Cinemax, Starz, HBO and Showtime, plus specialty premium programming such as Audience Network, GSN Game Lounge, DirecTV HD Extra Pack and adult entertainment.

Choose your package based on premium channels or take the leap and add all four premium channels plus SPORTS PACK to any package for just $15.95. With DirecTV premium channels you’ll never miss your favorite new or classic films, original programming or film shorts.

International Packages from DirecTV offers subscribers the very best in entertainment, sports and news from all over Latin America. Get more than 40 channels featuring sports, movies, news and TV shows from Central America, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Choose the Mexico Plus package and get live sports, movies, news and shows from all over Mexico. The Americas Plus package offers more than 20 Spanish language channels from the Americas. If you cannot live without Spanish language movies, add the Más Movies package to any English language package and you’ll get 3 additional channels providing you with non-stop Spanish language cinema.

DirecTV in Los Angeles also caters to subscribers who want to stay current on South Asian culture with a South Asian TV package. Choose the perfect blend of channels that meet your programming needs from Bollywood film releases, Hindi language reality television and soap operas, cricket matches and news. Choose the best HindiDirect package for you or only choose the channels you want.

Filipino subscribers can take advantage of 10 different Filipino language channels, 6 of which are exclusive to DirecTV. These channels include everything: news, sports, entertainment, entertainment news, dramas and TV shows.

DirecTV offers two Korean packages that include entertainment, religious, news and reality programming. Subscribers can choose from two packages that offer as many as 12 different Korean language channels. A la carte offers include Tokyo Dreams, a Japanese adult videos channel available with any international package.

Sports Packages from DirecTV are unmatched by any other provider. Regardless of what team you support, your favorite sports local or international, DirecTV has you covered. Sign up for popular sports packages like NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket or MLB Extra Innings, or less popular sports like NHL Center Ice, UFC, Boxing and Major League Soccer. DirecTV offers the best in college basketball and football, cricket, tennis, rugby or international soccer.

Get everything you need in one package with the DirecTV Sports Pack that offers more than 35 channels of around-the-clock sports! The Sports Pack lets you watch your favorite regional and international sports and relive your favorite classic sporting events.


As part of DirecTV’s focus on providing advanced technology to improve the subscriber’s viewing experience, technologically advanced equipment is available to give subscribers a full viewing experience.

The Genie HD DVR lets you enjoy HD digital programming from DirecTV in any room in your home without having boxes and cords clutter up every room. Connect as many as four televisions to one Genie without worrying about recording conflicts, because genie records up to five shows simultaneously. Genie even recommends other shows you might like based on viewing history, so you don’t miss out on your favorite history documentary or awards show. With a higher storage capacity, the Genie holds more data so you don’t have to record your favorite movies and shows to make room for new ones.

In addition to the Genie, DirecTV offers a variety of other receivers to fit your equipment needs. You can choose your receiver based on storage capacity, HD programming and recording, picture in picture, standard definition programming, On Demand and even multi-channel recording. All DirecTV receivers let parents control what children can watch.

The DirecTV nomad lets you stream and sync programming from your HD DVR onto your laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as you’re within the home Wi-Fi network. Watch your synced playlist even when there is no internet connection, making those long subway rides more bearable.

Nomad lets you sync up to five different devices at once so the whole family can watch their favorite programs on the go. Even more enticing is the fact that when you set the auto-download series option to “ON” you can start streaming a show as soon as it begins recording and avoid next day spoiler alerts!

Get Connected to the internet via your DirecTV HD DVR using the CINEMA connection kit and get access to more than 10,000 On Demand shows and movies at no additional cost to the subscriber. Get connected and you can watch YouTube videos on your TV and watch live television on your iPad or Kindle Fire.

Use this feature to catch up on old seasons of your favorite TV shows and original premium programming. Get advanced screening of certain programs and movies up to a month in advance of their scheduled release. Many of Hollywood’s biggest movies are available via DirecTV Cinema, often as early as a month before Netflix has them


DirecTV Everywhere literally goes everywhere you go, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows, news and movies on your mobile devices. Stream your HD DVR playlist live on your tablet, laptop or smartphone or sync your favorite programs and watch them even when you have no net service. Access On Demand, Audience Network on your mobile devices on the go or right at home.

DirecTV Mobile Web gives you direct access to DirecTV Everywhere on your mobile phone. You can also use the powerful search feature to find any movie or TV show within seconds, order movies from your mobile phone and watch them on the big screen when you get home and even order live sporting events like Boxing or UFC and watch them later. With the mobile web option you can organizing your programming on your phone and enjoy it at home.

The DirecTV mobile website lets subscribers do it all from viewing the 14-day guide, add channels to your package, pay bills and view recent transactions, all from your mobile phone. Set your DVR from your phone and schedule or cancel service calls without making a single call.

DirecTV Mobile Apps gives you direct access to DirecTV Everywhere so you can experience the full entertainment experience on your iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire. Download the DirecTV iPad app and watch thousands of movies and TV shows on your iPad or download DirecTV phone app so you can stream live TV, sync your playlist and set your DVR from your iPhone or Android phone. Get the recently added DirecTV app for Kindle Fire and enjoy the same benefits as the iPad.

Whole-Home DVR means you only need one HD DVR and you can power your whole home. Enjoy HD programming in any room of the house, record up to 5 programs at once and record or delete a program from any room. DirecTV Whole Home DVR lets you watch the DVR playlist in any room and it even lets you stop a show or movie in one room and resume it in another room. With so much convenience it is no wonder more and more people are choosing DirecTV in Los Angeles.

What’s even better is that with the Genie you can watch YouTube or thousands of On Demand options and even listen to Pandora on every TV in the house. Set the kids’ TV with parental controls so can always be sure they only have access to appropriate programming.

DirecTV On Demand gives subscribers access to a vast library of films and TV shows unmatched by competitors. Enjoy new cinema releases before Netflix gets them, catch up on old seasons of your favorite shows or enjoy indie favorites that didn’t hit the cinema in your hometown.

The HD On-Screen Guide shows you what shows you love that are on right now and even a guide of shows you might like. With this lightning fast guide you can search up to 60 shows in just 5 seconds or browse easier with movie posters instead of plain text.


DirecTV DVRs lets you watch TV anyway you want. Record your favorite shows when you’re not home to see them and control live programming to watch it at your leisure. Missed a play of your favorite game and don’t want to wait for the replay? Simply rewind live TV and see it again for yourself.

Adding a DVR to your package also lets you set a series recording for your favorite shows, schedule a recording from your mobile device and record multiple shows at once. Tired of football delaying the start of your favorite show? DirecTV DVRs lets you extend recording times so you don’t miss one minute of the action!

HD programming from DirecTV features more than 180 HD channels including sports packages and on demand programming. Get the newest movie releases in 1080p so you can enjoy a crisp, clear and visually stunning entertainment experience.

DirecTV HD 3D lets subscribers get the same 3D experience as you would get at a movie theater. If you have a 3D TV, you can now enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your home. DirecTV offers several 3D channels so you can enjoy movies, sports and original 3D television programming.

Free Professional Installation

Getting your DirecTV equipment installed is easier than ever with A&A Satellite. We are more than capable of handling all of your set up needs. All A&A Satellite installers are Engineers to make sure everything is installed safely and without errors.

Whatever you need, A&A Satellite will mount your flat screen on the wall and set up custom wiring to hook up your surround sound system. We offer same or next day installation so you can take advantage of our great deals as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we take great care to provide you with professional installation of your new DirecTV equipment.

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